Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lodgepole Pines

One of my favorite places is located in the High Uintas near Haystack Lake. My dad's father called this area "God's Country" and I can understand why. The beauty of the area has never ceased to amaze me. I take my children and grandchildren there several times a year, just like my grandfather took my dad my brother and me years ago. These needles went brown because of the pine beetle infestation in the area. My wife and I returned to this spot last year only to find that the entire tree and most of it's neighbors had been killed by the disease.
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Monument Valley - Utah

Most take this picture and say it is in Arizona. The truth is that The Mittens are actually in Utah. The foreground is in Arizona. Of course, the members of the Navajo Nation know the real truth - that all of this is in the Monument Valley Tribal Park. I happened to catch the scene just as the sun was going down. A lucky break on a day that had been plagued with poor visibility due to a spring duststorm.
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