Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hidden Lake - High Uintas Wilderness

Located at the head of the Weber River drainage, this High Uintas lake is not visited very often. In fact, the holiday weekend that I was here, I was the only one on the lake. I pitched camp 3-4 hundred yards east of the lake in a heavily wooded area near a nice clear mountain spring. As is usual here, the evening brought a torrential downpour with a little hail, but after the storm, the clouds lifted a little and the sky lit up in the west. This just proves that this is God's country, as my grandfather was fond of saying. The dark clouds will eventually lift, as they do in life, and the rainshowers feed the hillside and the lakes allowing the wildflowers to bloom and the trout to thrive. That night, after the sun finally set and it was too dark to film, I was joined at the lake by a bull and cow moose. I was content to listen to the babble of the spring over the rocks as I watched the stars come out, followed by a full moon later on that evening. Ahh...
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