Friday, July 11, 2008

High Uinta Meadow near Trail Lake

After an afternoon hike in the Provo River drainage near Haystack Lake, I decided to head for home. The road goes through an area that was clearcut in the 50's, with quite a few trees that are now about fifty years old. I remember as a kid thinking that it was a horrible thing that they had logged this area out completely. I am still amazed every time I come across a big stump that is over four feet in diameter in this area of trees that are no larger than a foot across. What must this area have looked like with all the old growth trees? This meadow was there before the logging, the remnant of a glacial lake, and there are a few surprises out in the open area including a pristine spring where water bubbles up through the rocks forming a nice meandering stream that heads out through the grass and ends up in Trail Lake below. The evening sun lit up the meadow, with the glacier lilies and the peaks beyond for a perfect photo two feet off the road.
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