Saturday, January 3, 2009

Maidenhair Fern - Zion National Park, Utah

It was a rainy day with bad light and all the pictures I took that day were kind of blah! Most of the pictures had little contrast, and while the canyon was beautiful in the rain, nothing seemed to work out. We were walking in the warm rain and came across a small waterfall where a small spring came out of the cliff. This tiny sprig of a maidenhair fern was bouncing in the wind and would ever so often dip into the cascade, and then rebound out with a few droplets of water clinging to it's surface. The motion caught my eye and I was drawn to the sight. It's funny how even in a drab day, you can pick out small bursts of light and energy. I wonder sometimes if that is how my life is. I trudge through the weary day burdened by my thoughts of this or that thing that I need to get done, and forget the reason the I am here on this earth - to experience joy. In any event, this little fern brightened up an otherwise dull day for me.
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